Vermi Process

The increase in human population and urbanisation has led to a food scarcity, which means agriculturalists are tempted to use more chemical fertilisers and pesticides – and more frequently. This causes several hazards to soil microflora, which in turn affects fertility. For instance, chemical fertilisers like Ammonium Sulphate, Ammonium Chloride and Urea reduce the soil pH. Chlorides are also highly toxic to most crop plants. The accumulation of chemicals in plants and their products cause several diseases in human beings, such as methanoglobinaemia in infants.

The vermi-process can be used to counteract the problem and bring sustainability to agriculture. Vermiculture is a novel, environmentally-friendly and efficient way to turn organic waste into high-quality compost or manure – known as vermicast– with the help of earthworms. The worms digest organic compost material and ‘produce’ a humus-like output, which includes an almost complete range of nutrient and microbial life for supporting the health and growth of plant life. Nothing matches worm power in turning organic matter into the most natural soil enrichment available! Most importantly, it’s environmentally friendly, all natural, easy and safe to use, with a pleasant earth aroma. And it will save you money! By using Vermicast to nourish your soil, plants and crops, you can do away with more expensive fertilisers to treat your soil and plants.

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Oct 15
Another #WaterWise raised bed garden being set up. #earthwormcastings used to preserve water and provide nutrients
Oct 14
Our gardens are #WaterWise as they use earthworm castings. Castings retain water moisture reducing watering by up t…