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Best year out of 32 years at the golf course. This was the second year we applied Vermi Trade to all of our greens and they did great.

  • Craig Elms
  • Golf Course Superintendent, Utrecht Golf and Country Club (2009)

I have been a commercial grower of green peppers for the past two years in Tarlton and KZN. I am a firm believer of building a healthier soil through the use of microorganisms. My motto has always been ‘A healthier soil grows a healthier plant.’ I have used Vermi Trade in amending the soil for field grown green peppers in the past, and have seen phenomenal results with much healthier soil. Vermi Trade is by far the best product I have found in today's market.

  • Murray Parker
  • Manager of Eldorado Gardens, Tarlton (2008)

The VVermi Trade product is of very high quality. We are using it primarily to revitalise soil at a large lake site. The soil was badly compacted and destroyed during the landscaping of the project, with the result that there is little or no top soil and no life in the soil at all. We have over 2 000 young trees that were planted there in the last 10 years and are doing poorly due, at least in part, to the poor soil. So, we are using the worm castings, hoping to improve the viability and life of the soil. Your product is easy to handle and apply, and appears to be of very high quality. We added it to the holes of new trees that we planted this year and they have all grown very well, which was not always the case in previous years. We have also been very pleased with your service.

  • Tony Duma
  • Dumakude Indigenous Trees, Witbank (2009)

I used Vermi Trade products for the first time this season and I am very pleased with the results. I started the tomatoes from seed in April. While I usually plant them mid-May this year’s weather during May was a bit cold and the threat of frost kept me from planting outdoors until mid-June. My plants were smaller than usual at the time of planting due to the extended stay in the greenhouse, where I started them. Shortly after I planted the tomatoes outside, I used Vermi Trade vermicast at the base of each plant. Eight weeks later you would never have known that they got a late start; they are now full of fruit with vigorous growth. I would strongly recommend trying these products.

  • Patrick Dunn
  • Home Gardener, Boksburg, (2009)

Even as we head into the autumn season, when plants habitually become more dormant, the plants I have here in my office continue to flourish – so much so as to attract the notice and praise of my co-workers. I am also a Bonsai Society member and have shared Vermi Trade products with other enthusiasts. They and I have noticed a marked improvement in all of our Bonsai. I highly recommend Vermi Trade.

  • Grace Waddy
  • Home and Office Gardener, Bryanston (2009)

I want to tell you how pleased I was with your Vermi Trade Shower liquid. I brought it home and put it on the dianthus in my front yard. I have had the plants for years. They usually begin blooming around June 15. This year they bloomed 10 days after I put on the Vermi Trade! This means that the plants bloomed a whole month ahead of schedule. What an amazing product you make. I am going to get more for my raspberry bushes. I can’t wait to see what Vermi Trade does for them.

  • Candice V
  • Home Gardener, Fourways (2009)

Vermi Trade has given me the most beautiful cream marigolds I have ever had. I call them my marigold bushes! Not only are they healthy, sturdy plants, but they are loaded with 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 inch blooms right up until the first heavy frost. Each plant grows to 26-28 inches tall and they are the envy of my neighbours. I add about 2 teaspoons of Vermi Trade to the soil when planting, and then another 2 teaspoon to the soil around each plant every few weeks until mid-July.

  • Sophia D
  • Home Gardener, Boksburg (2009)

After closing on our Northern suburbs townhouse, I could not wait to start my garden. It was November though, so research was all I had. I had considered starting my own compost to feed the garden, but due to its small size and close quarters to my neighbours, I quickly abandoned that idea and instead found my way to your wonderful product, VERMI WORX. I grow trees and shrubs, vegetables in containers, lots of herbs and beautiful roses. I feed my vermicast from my VERMI WORX to the entire garden every few weeks and I have the most vivacious plants from it. In my garden, it’s was also very difficult to grow grass... but I kept trying. In one of my experiments, I discovered that Vermi Trade’s vermicast is the perfect natural fertiliser for new grass seed. The new blades leapt from the ground when I used it at seeding. I am definitely a faithful fan of your terrific Vermi Trade products.

  • Penny S
  • Home Gardener, Fourways (2009)


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