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Vermi Trade is a wholly black-owned and managed company with extensive expertise in vermiculture/vermitechnology. Our business rests on the belief that organic matter should go back to the land – not in the form of landfills, but through eco-friendly land nutrients. This is our mission: to bring you cost-effective and sustainable waste management solutions, while growing the prosperity of individuals, communities and economies.

The company was founded by Elwyn Pitt in 2008, who previously worked as a consultant in the field of community development, specifically focusing on youth and economic development. While our head office is in Benoni, Gauteng, all our enterprises are established in rural communities close to the inputs (labour and raw materials) to maximise community enrichment and minimise costs, for you, our valued customer.

Through the Vermi Trade Marketing Division, we sell and distribute vermiculture products to a wide range of markets across South Africa. We craft business solutions that are perfectly aligned to our clients’ goals and objectives – from large-scale farmers in need of bulk product purchases to dedicated gardeners in urban environments. In the process, we are committed to developing environmentally safe, organic waste recycling through the design, building and operation of turn-key industrial scale applications of vermicasting. We process urban and agricultural organic waste to produce a consistent supply of top-quality worm castings at affordable prices – all year long – for organic crop production in greenhouses, urban agriculture, green roofs, the field or even your garden.

Supported by

Chem City

ChemCity – a wholly owned subsidiary of Sasol Chemical Industries that acts as a business incubator to facilitate the establishment of independent downstream SMME’s – has identified vermicomposting as a field they wish to support. They have therefore committed their incubation services to Vermi Trade, sharing our vision of developing Vermi Trade into the leading commercial vermiculture provider in Southern Africa.  

ChemCity has provided us with the following input, expertise and services to expand the company:
• Business plan compilation and financial drafting
• Branding
• Sound business advice and business mentoring
• Facilitation and assistance in obtaining business funding
• Post-implementation support for two years after securing funding, which will include proper training where a shortage in skills is identified.

Eco-cool has also been instrumental in Vermi Trade’s product development and assisting us to secure a major deal with Masstores.


Just as we are committed to addressing the challenges of organic waste management, part of our mission is to develop skills among rural and particularly young people for the future of agriculture in SA – and the future of the country in general – through community sustainability initiatives.

We have adopted an NGO Qalabusha Youth Development Initiative within the Kwa Zenzele informal settlement, in Endicott, whose main focus is youth development – it seeks to provide young people with skills that will better prepare them for life. It has an Early Childhood Development Centre, which provides education for the many young people in the community, a beautification programme to improve the aesthetics of the community and the establishment of food gardens to address poverty. To date Vermi Trade has employed four (4) young people at its Springs operation, donated seedlings to their food garden programme.

Vermi Trade also mobilises corporate companies to make a difference in the community through the provision of bursaries and employment opportunities.

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